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Special Space Ship Insurance - Limited Time Only Offer!

(Normal car policies also available)

Dear Evil Intergalactic Overlord, Today we have an exclusive offer for you which we know you will not want to miss!

As a supremely intelligent being, you will no doubt want to ensure that your space ship fleet is protected in the event of any meteor storms*, during planetary re-entry, or even when travelling through black holes**. To ensure that you receive the very best type of cover galactic currency can buy, you should think about insuring your space vehicle today with Crazy Car Insurance!

All powerful individuals like yourself need the best type of cover and, whilst we do offer all kinds of different vehicle cover to meet your space flight requirements, we have devised a special type of fully comprehensive insurance that is tailored to suit your every need and whim.

What does it cover?

We have thought of everything that an Evil Intergalactic Overlord like yourself will need for vehicle insurance and it covers you for the following:

·Injury to any inferior species*** whilst driving your space ship.

This aspect of our tailored cover will prove very useful when you are planning to conquer a new planet. After all, the pesky home species are bound to get in your way, though you will no doubt obliterate them for their uselessness. With our special policy, you can have complete peace of mind that whatever damage you may or may not cause, you’ll be covered.

·Damage to other planets property, vehicles etc.

Again, when planning intergalactic domination, the last thing you want to worry about is paying for the cost of repair of any puny planet/property/vehicle that happens to stand in your way. We'll take care of this for you completely, leaving you more time to perfect your fiendishly evil plans.

·Accidents caused by any other travellers on your ship.

We know how unruly underlings can get from time to time, and whilst we appreciate that you will completely destroy any cronies incompetent enough to cause an accident in your vehicle, with our policy you know that you won’t be paying for your henchman’s utter stupidity.

·Fire or theft damage to your vehicle.

There may be other creatures foolish enough to try and damage your space craft. No doubt you will erase them from existence for their impudence, but with this cover, you need not worry about having to foot the bill yourself.

What are the extras?

·Free courtesy ship in the event that your own ship needs to be repaired.

This means you never need to worry about being stranded on a boring rock like Planet Earth ever again!

Please be aware that the above policy is available for a limited time only, so don’t delay, contact us today! If you have any questions about any aspects of our cover, contact one of our representatives and we will do our best to serve you.

*most meteor storms are classed as an act of God unless generated by an insane megalomaniac and are not covered.

** Intergalactic council approved black holes only.

*** Inferior species include all species except your own, obviously superior, species.

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